Quantum Energy

Radio Frequency Detox

According to traditional Chinese medicine, creating heat in this way can clear the Meridians or energy points in the body.

RF Inner-Cleanse Detox

Based on German Microcrystalline Radio Frequency Technology.

Our RF Inner Cleanse Detox treatments improve blood flow deeper within the cells of each organ of the entire body, increase the body’s inner temperature to guard against illness as well as support lymph health.

Raising the body’s internal temperature by even one degree can increase immunity by 5-6 times.

The RF Inner-Cleanse works to raise the body’s internal temperature and creates deep thermal resonance frequencies.

The Science Behind:

Increasing the body’s inner temperature by actually one degree is able to boost immunity by 5-6 times.

The RF Inner Cleanse works to increase the body’s inner temperature and also produces deep winter resonance frequencies.

The microcrystalline radio frequencies produced by the RF Inner Cleanse help to regulate the whole body’s blood circulation system influences the wavelengths of the organs which are actually in strong correlation with the total circulatory system, elevates the body’s normal metabolic rate, as well as improves the body’s immune phone system.


Blood circulation is actually accelerated, toxins & waste are actually broken down and delivered to be removed.


Mucous, cholesterol & fat that can comply with the arteries, as well as vein walls, are actually dispersed and slowly can be eradicated by the entire body.

Fresh oxygen and nutrients are actually circulated quicker throughout the blood, detoxing the organs.


Now genes and cells are able to begin to be fixed as well as be rejuvenated by the entire body.