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Theta Chamber

The Science Behind the Theta Chamber

The Theta Chamber has proven to normalize as well as harmonize the brain chemistry in just mins.
Create brainwave harmony, heal from neurological disorders, and break unwanted addictions, in a process called entrainment, with the Theta Chamber at Quantum Energy Wellness Center.

IF THE CURRENT WORLD SITUATION has created an overbearing amount of stress and anxiety, we have a multi-modaility neusensory simulator for Recovery and Rewiring of the Brain

Technology that allows for rapid and complete recovery from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, and mental illness are among the most alarming and fastest growing epidemics today. The ThetaChamber℠ is a unique breakthrough in personal development that helps the brain to reduce stress and regain chemical balance. Using subtle and non-invasive modalities such as: vestibular motion, binaural beats, cranial-electrotherapy stimulation, and eye movement desensitization reprogramming (EMDR), the chamber delivers a highly therapeutic effect.

Clients initially feel an enhanced sense of time and space as the chamber begins its spin. The lights, beats, and subtle current serve as sensory stimulation, delivering customized frequencies. Then the person feels deep relaxation and a stimulation of specific brain activities. Many clients experience profound, moving experiences, allowing them to escape their dark cycle of difficulty at first momentarily, and ultimately for good.

Due to the great success in helping clients overcome stress, depression, anxiety, addiction etc. through their own sense and volition, the ThetaChamber℠ has become available for integration with other therapies such as Psychiatry, counseling, life coaching, addiction recovery, depression/ stress management clinic, Doctor’s offices, and holistic healing centers

Our technology treats neurological issues at their root

Binaural Audio Beats

Binaural beats are actually produced when somewhat offset tones are actually played through the headset to each edge of the mind from the complete opposite ears. This particular impact was found in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. The consequences on the brain's waves will rely on the distinction in the frequencies of each tone. For instance, if 300 Hz was played in a single ear and 310 in the other hand, then the binaural beat will have a frequency of ten Hz. These specific frequencies synchronize the cerebral hemispheres, as well as help, make the appropriate conditions for neural pathway re-establishment (also referred to as "entrainment"). Deep relaxation during therapy is the result.

Microcurrent Signaling

Positioned on the ear lobes, this particular therapy utilizes subtle electric impulses to inspire normal functioning in the neural networks as well as neurochemistry of the human brain. These power signals resemble those created by the mind itself. After the mind has come to the Theta status, the ThetaChamber℠ sends signals to the hypothalamus, in the limbic region of the human brain. These signals promote the hypothalamus to begin producing regular, and healthy ph levels of serotonin, dopamine along with other neurotransmitters. In just a couple of uses, the brain is actually entrained into regular functionality. New neural pathways are produced, as well as the imbalanced or old boots are going to atrophy from disuse.

Visual Pattern Light Stimulation

Light patterns are actually computer generated and calibrated to synchronize with the binaural beats to:
Rapidly induce the Theta state Open the brain to entrainment as well as suggestion Market certain healing rhythms Light as well as good sensory stimulation access the brain with the thalamus sound and light rhythms and patterns can readily affect cortical activity, and may additionally impact neuronal exercise The ThetaChamber℠ utilizes computer technology to exactly create as well as synchronize these Sound and light patterns combined with microcurrent signaling for optimum beneficial outcomes. Vestibular Motion occurs when the Theta Chamber spins. Working much like VRT Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy. It uses the activity of the substance in the inner ear to train the mental faculties as well as body to come together harmoniously and could improve concentration.

Micro-current Signaling

This FDA-cleared treatment uses precisely tuned, subtle electrical impulses to affect the neural networks and neurochemistry of the brain, encouraging normal function. These electric signals are similar to those produced by the brain itself. As an electro-chemical instrument, the brain constantly both produces and receives a wide variety of signals, from one region of the brain to another, and through the nervous system to all parts of the body. Once the brain has reached the Theta state and is open to suggestion, change and healing, the ThetaChamber℠ transmits gentle, natural-like signals to the hypothalamus, in the limbic region of the brain. These signals encourage the hypothalamus to start producing normal, healthy levels of serotonin, dopamine and other neurotransmitters.

Facts About ThetaChamber℠ Technology

The ThetaChamber℠ is designed to administer multiple, powerful treatment applications in a single session. These applications are designed to accomplish three main objectives:

These various treatments and applications, known as “modalities,” work together synergistically to provide maximum effectiveness on the brain. Modalities currently available in the ThetaChamber℠ are:

When all these forms of therapy are combined and synchronized, they elicit a very powerful and pronounced neurological and physiological response. Feelings of well-being are almost immediate for many clients, often starting on the very first day! Some report deep sleep and vivid dreams for the first time in years.

About Brainwaves

Brainwaves, also known as neural oscillations, are observed throughout the central nervous system and at all levels which can be measured by electroencephalography (EEG). In general, EEG signals have a broad spectral content (similar to pink noise), but also reveal oscillatory activity in specific frequency bands. The best-known band is “Alpha” activity (8-12 Hz) that can be detected in the brain during relaxed wakefulness. Other frequency bands are “Beta” (13-30 Hz) which corresponds with mental alertness and concentration, “Gamma” (30-70 Hz) which is associated with cognitive processing, “Theta” (4-8 Hz) which is associated with relaxation and near-sleep, and “Delta” (1-4 Hz) which occurs during sleep.

Old vs. New Techniques

Starting in the late 1950’s when it was discovered as a method of pain relief, micro-current stimulation has been administered in many ways, and under many conditions.

Early on, a device was developed that administered micro-current signals through the earlobes into the brain. The device was worn by the patient for 23 hours each day, for many weeks, in order to have the desired effect (such as treatment of heroin addiction, anxiety, depression, or insomnia). Today, with the advent of the ThetaChamber℠, treatment can be accomplished much faster and more effectively because it is administered only while the brain is in the Theta state, which is induced and held for 30 minutes per session.

We Recommend two times per day, for severe addictions. The result is nearly a full hour of continuous Theta state in each 24-hour period, which is far more than a person typically experiences. In this way, the total elapsed time of treatment is dramatically reduced from 23 hours down to just 1, yet the overall effectiveness of the treatment is increased because it is administered while the brain is most capable of receiving it.

The ThetaChamber℠ and its associated treatments are: