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Laser Light Therapy

Laser Light Therapy

Recent scientific research is confirming what our extensive clinical experience has also shown: Deep Low Level Laser Therapy (D3LT) has a seemingly universal effect on all mammalian soft tissue cells!

Low doses of electromagnetic energy in specific wavelengths of the infrared range are absorbed by intracellular chromophores.

This naturally stimulates cellular metabolism, and triggers the physiological cascade described in the “Technology” section of this website.

The key concept is that properly administered D3LT can significantly accelerate or induce natural healing and/or produce a “rejuvenating” effect on all mammalian soft tissue!

Our patients typically experience a 25-50% reduction in healing time for acute injuries and post-surgical wounds.

We have had excellent results with many chronic conditions — reducing pain.

Delivering the Highest Patented Wavelength 1350nm

- More Depth of Penetration

-More Tissue Absorption

-More Laser per Treatment

Therapeutic Solution for

Athletic Injury

Chronic Pain

Surgical Recovery


Frozen Shoulder



Soft Tissue

Piriformis Syndrome




Muscle Spasticity

Chronic Pain

Migraine Headache


Planter Fasciitis


Non Union Fracture

Bone Graft Donor Site

Ankle injuries


Open wounds

Closed wounds

Joint swelling


Treats Directly on Joints & Spinal Vertebrae

Stimlase is a 1350nm Deep Low Level Laser Therapy (D3LT®) modality that is non heating and non-invasive for safe use directly on the spine, muscle conditions, and open wounds. StimLase creates Bio-Stimulation which impacts weakened tissue to stimulate the cells balancing them back to normalcy at a greater absorption ensuring quicker longer lasting results.


  • 1350nm Milliwatts instead of Watts, No burning of tissue or skin, increased absorption at the cellular level. Cellular change for spinal, and muscle issues.


  • Faster healing and longer lasting results when circulation is stimulated as a natural by-product of increased cellular metabolism.
  • Patients with traumatic or post-operative pain and chronic conditions report immediate pain relief and decrease in pain medication.
  • reduction in healing time.


  • StimLase is FDA cleared. Primary indications include: pain relief and healing soft tissue and spine, wound healing and osteoarthritis.
  • 1350nm D3LT – Deeper absorption and penetration to the cells.
  • Patients with acute conditions typically experience a 25-50%
  • reduction in healing time.