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Hair Growth Laser

Did You Know?

Most people will experience hair loss or thinning during their lifetime.

“66% of men will experience hair loss by the age of 35!”*

“40% of women will experience hair loss or thinning by the age of 40!”*

-LaserStim, 2022

laserstim hair growth machine

How the Hair Growth Machine Works

We are super excited to be the FIRST USA location to share this STATE OF THE ART - FDA CLEARED - hair restoration technology.

This hair growth machine outperforms other available hair growth treatments by using the highest patented wavelength available for more depth of penetration of non-visible light.

Significant Growth = Just 10 Weeks

The unique full head coverage (which includes the temples, hairlines, and back of head) of the machine delivers 1550 nm, far more than any other products using lasers to stimulate hair growth. As a result, patients experience more tissue absorption and more laser per treatment.

This revolutionary new hair growth treatment is a perfect solution for any person suffering from hair thinning or pattern baldness. Keep reading to learn more, see real patient results, and why this is better than the other current alternatives for growing back your hair.

Before & After Hair Growth Treatments

1 Session = Only 20 Minutes

Before TreatmentAfter Just 10 Weeks
BeforeAfter 2 1/2 months

Patient Testimonial

“I had twins a year and a half ago and it took a major toll on my hair. I lost so much hair that my temples were completely bald. I started to get some of it back but I still had quite a bit of missing hair. I have been doing LaserStim HairGrowth treatments for a month, and I cannot believe how fast those bare spots are filling in! I can’t wait to see what my hair looks like after a couple more months!”

– Rachael Arnold

Top 4 Most Common Alternatives vs LaserStim™️

Just Some of the Reasons Why Not to Use Them
Hair Serums
  • Lifelong Usage Needed
  • Takes a Long Time to See Minimal Results
  • High Use of Toxic Chemicals
  • Weight of Serum can lead to:
    • hair breakage
    • split ends
    • flat, lifeless hair
  • Long Term Commitment
  • Very Messy
  • Time Consuming
  • Use of Toxic Chemicals
  • Only minimal growth achieved
  •  Becomes expensive to use over time
Red - Light Therapy
  • Lengthy Process
  • LED light is different and smaller
    • uses only ~650 nm
  • Minimal Growth after 6 months
  • Longer individual treatment sessions
    • typically 1 hour long
Implants / Transplants
  • Very Painful
    • requires surgery
  • High Chance that the hair is rejected by your body
  • Expensive
  • Possible infections and swelling/itching around surgical site
  • Requires time off to heal from surgery

Our Promise to You:

It's Safer

It's Quicker

It's Better

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