Quantum Energy

Total Body


ReBoot your Body on a Cellular Level

Transdermal Ozone

Ozone is made artificially by passing oxygen through ultraviolet light or a “cold” electrical discharge which causes oxygen molecules (O2) to split apart in a process called photolysis. When one of the freed atoms collides with another O2 molecule, it joins up forming ozone (O3)

Hair Restoration

State of the Art Hair Laser. First of its kind in the USA. Contact us at 817-259-1259 for an appointment and more information. Saving specials for the first 10 customers.

Laser Light Therapy

Recent scientific research is confirming what our extensive clinical experience has also shown: Deep Low Level Laser Therapy (D3LT) has a seemingly universal effect on all mammalian soft tissue cells!

Inner Light

The use of light as a natural form of energy actually activates the normal biochemistry of the cell, light is then released into our system as electrical energy and the cells can take from it what they need.

LED Light Therapy is simple to use, non-invasive and has a long-standing history of therapeutic benefits.

AO Scanner

With the AO Scanner, you can get a detailed visual quantum report of your overall personal health including the status of your organs and systems. It will even scan tissues – all in one day!

Energetic Lymphatic Drainage

Your lymph system is like the sewage system of your body, when it backs up that’s like asking your body to function optimally while living in a home where there’s a toilet backed up.

It can’t help but set the stage for symptoms and disease to develop.


A hydrafacial combines exfoliation and hydration by using a microdermabrasion-like device that simultaneously sucks all the gunk out of pores and infuses them with nutrient-rich serum “boosters” to rejuvenate the skin.

RF Foot Detox

The RF INNER Cleanse is based on German microcrystalline RF (radio frequency) vibration technology. Like any form of energy, RF has the capacity to produce heat, an advantage of using RF to heat tissues, is that the lower frequency of RF can safely penetrate to a deeper level.

Avacen Total Body Circulation

The AVACEN is a heat therapy system indicated for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains; muscular relaxation; and the temporary increase of local circulation where applied.

Experience the future of pain relief.

Drug-Free Pain Relief that actually works

Hydrogen Total Body Improvement

Our Hydrogen Unit provides high concentration, professional-grade hydrogen breathing treatments and hydrogen water for consumption. This increases oxygen intake levels in the body and can increase healing and boost the immune system.


PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy; using this particular process involves directing powerful, pulsed energy waves toward damaged or injured areas of the patient’s body. 

These waves painlessly and quickly pass through the cells in the damaged region