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Keep It Moving

“Motion-Based Exercise” helps muscles stretch and contract without pain. It gets the lymphatic system moving efficiently and blood pumping throughout the body. Flowing to the brain where it can oxygenate brain cells and build chemicals that enhance brain function.


Astro-Durance is an Anti-gravity, low-impact bungee fitness program that is for all shapes and sizes. From athletes to individuals with physical limitations, autoimmune diseases, and weight loss.
  • Beginners Bungee Workout
  • Intermediate Bungee Workout
  • Private One-on-one Training
  • Advanced Bungee Workout
  • Seniors Bungee Workout

Looking For A Workout?

Anyone can reap the benefits of high-endurance, muscle-toning cardio. Increase strength, improve flexibility and maximize fat burning! WITH NO PRESSURE ON YOUR JOINTS! Experience a true aerial workout.

We offer a full range of anti-gravity bungee workouts. Individual and group lessons are available! Classes are beginner, intermediate and advanced. As well as high-intensity bungee workouts – all low impact!

Astro-Durance offers motion-based, low-impact, elastic-supported resistance training. Our bungee fitness programs are perfect if your health concerns have plagued other programs. Bungee fitness allows you to have the buoyancy to perform exercises that previously required support.

Everyone can enjoy a bungee workout without stress and pain. Bungee fitness is great for everyone. From athletes to retirees, Astro-Durance has designed the most effective workouts for everyone!