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Improve Endometriosis Pain with Ozone Sauna Therapy and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

Endometriosis is a painful disorder wherein the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside the muscular organ. This disorder usually involves the ovaries, tissue lining the pelvis and the fallopian tubes. In rare scenarios, an endometrial-like tissue can be found beyond the pelvic organ’s location.

Endometriosis can sometimes cause severe pain, particularly during menstrual periods. There is also a chance for fertility problems to develop. The good thing is that effective and reliable treatments are available, such as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Ozone Sauna Therapy (OST). You can get these treatments from a trusted wellness center that offers transdermal ozone therapy.


  • PEMF and OST-Recommended Treatment Solutions for Endometriosis
  • The Significant Role Played by Transdermal Ozone in the Treatment Process
  • Unveiling the Results of the Study
  • Conclusion

Endometriosis affects millions of individuals worldwide, especially women. Regressive menstrual flow is often pointed out as the primary cause of this condition. Some tissues shred during the menstrual period and flow through the fallopian tube and to other body areas like the pelvis. Genetics plays a significant factor in this condition. And since endometriosis usually runs in families, it can be inherited in the genes. 

Endometriosis is a common yet painful and challenging condition. This pelvic inflammatory condition can result in infertility and, sometimes, chronic pelvic pain. Although standard surgeries and medical surgeries can help, many women still experience symptoms following traditional treatments. Therefore, there’s a crucial need to study the newest and non-traditional therapeutic aides to ease women’s pain and improve the quality of their life.

PEMF and OST-Recommended Treatment Solutions for Endometriosis

One remarkable suggestion to treat endometriosis pain is ozone sauna therapy (OST), recognized for its anti-inflammatory action. However, no solid evidence supports its efficacy on women with Chronic Pelvic Pain or CPP. Ozone is artificially made by passing oxygen through a cold, electrical discharge or ultraviolet light that causes oxygen molecules to split apart in a process known as photolysis. If one of the freed atoms collides with another oxygen molecule, they combine and form ozone (03). 

Ozone sauna therapy can boost the immune system and is known for its powerful and effective anti-inflammatory effects. It fights microbes and viruses within the body. OST can also promote clear and healthy skin and increase the body’s energy levels. Ozone sauna therapy is the most effective and easiest way to achieve optimal results when relieving pain and improving the skin, mind and body. 

Another suggested non-traditional therapeutic treatment is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy or PEMF. A pilot study was conducted, and it showed that the exposure of women with pelvic pain and endometriosis to PEMF resulted in dramatic relief from pain and other symptoms of endometriosis.

With PEMF therapy, electricity is induced into the cells. This process helps in stimulating or promoting healing. PEMF therapy commonly involves directing powerful pulsed energy waves to the injured or damaged area of one’s body. These waves can quickly and painlessly pass through cells in the injured or damaged region, increasing the electron’s spinning. This electron is responsible for restoring the cell’s potential or energy and regulating its volume. Even after four days of treatment sessions, the positive cellular effect of PEMF therapy lasts. 

PEMF does not just treat endometriosis pain. It also has been used in treating osteoarthritis, acute pain due to injuries and chronic pain in the lower back. In addition, it can be used in reducing pain associated with cancer treatments. PEMF also has the potential to improve pain linked with surgeries and mobility. 

The Significant Role Played by Transdermal Ozone in the Treatment Process

Many women have seen better results from combining PEMF and OST in one transdermal ozone machine. Older women, in particular, can benefit from this method through in-vitro fertilization. These benefits were made possible by improving the quality of oocyte.

A study was conducted to assess the effect of transdermal ozone use on patients suffering from chronic pelvic pain due to endometriosis pain scale. In the initial study, eight women with endometriosis were given transdermal and intravaginal OST plus PEMF two times a week for three weeks, with a total of six sessions.

The participants were told to fill out the pain scale once a week. In the second study, ten women were chosen to evaluate changes in serum inflammatory markers after the three-week period of OST plus PEMF exposure using the transdermal ozone machine twice weekly, with a total of 6 sessions.

Unveiling the Results of the Study

The mean age of the recruited participants was 39.7 ± 1.1 years. The result of the study unveiled significant improvement in pain scale after the fourth session and a remarkable drop in the serum levels of inflammatory markers CRP (p = .0438) and IL-1β (p =.0031) and a significant increase in serum levels of IL-8 (p = .033).


People suffering from endometriosis pain can rely on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Ozone Sauna Therapy delivered through transdermal ozone therapy to relieve pain and improve symptoms. Transdermal ozone may also help people who have immune disorders by stimulating the immune system. If you want to experience the benefits of transdermal ozone, look no further than Quantum Energy Wellness Center. This wellness company commits to supporting patients’ psychological, physical and spiritual wellness by creating body harmony and balance through transdermal ozone therapy, AO scan, and peptide therapy. If you decide to begin your wellness journey, feel free to contact us today.

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