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Why is Molecular Hydrogen a Superior Antioxidant?

When the body senses oxidative stress, it activates antioxidant genes. It triggers the transcription of essential antioxidants from DNA using the body’s biological feedback loops and mechanisms. Thus, molecular hydrogen cannot act as an indirect antioxidant to neutralize free radicals. Instead, it promotes antioxidant synthesis inside. This makes hydrogen molecules unique and is also why it is used for peptide therapies.

Since an excess of antioxidants is detrimental, and molecular hydrogen functions as a redox regulator, it is crucial to strike a “just right” balance between the two for optimal cellular health. Molecular hydrogen has been shown effective as an antioxidant in over 800 studies. This blog discusses why molecular hydrogen is a superior antioxidant.


  • Molecular Hydrogen Acts As A Protectant Against EMFs
  • Molecular Hydrogen Fights Off The Effects Of Radiation
  • Conclusion

Molecular Hydrogen Acts As A Protectant Against EMFs

Molecular hydrogen mitigates the harmful effects of EMF (Electromagnetic Radiation). One of the most harmful reactive nitrogen is peroxynitrite, and it has been theorized that this is the main hazard posed by EMFS. This molecule is also used during peptide therapy and transdermal ozone therapy.

The outer membrane VGCCs in your cells open up in response to low-frequency microwave radiation, enabling an abnormal inflow of calcium ions. Nitric oxide is converted into peroxynitrite as a result of this reaction. Increased levels of mitochondrial malfunction and systematic inflammation have been related to reactive nitrogen generation, which is the root of many of today’s chronic illnesses.

Reducing your exposure to EMFs is the best thing to do. However, you may consider taking molecular hydrogen regularly to boost your endogenous antioxidants and reduce your vulnerability to peroxynitrite and other oxidative stressors.

Molecular Hydrogen Fights Off The Effects Of Radiation

Molecular hydrogen can protect the body against ionizing radiation. Taking molecular hydrogen an hour before the procedure is recommended to allow your body to start producing its endogenous antioxidants.

You can mix one tablet of molecular hydrogen and dissolve it with 16 oz. of water. The tablet will take longer to dissolve in cold water, resulting in some wasted H2. Do not use carbonated water since carbon dioxide gas dilutes the amount of hydrogen gas that may be present.

You might pretreat for two or three days by consuming molecular hydrogen as an alternative. That way, you will already have some natural defenses in place when you are exposed to radiation. Pretreat for a couple of days before getting a CT scan. Then, take another dosage around 30 minutes before the procedure.


When preventing damage from oxidative stress, molecular hydrogen provides the most benefits with no drawbacks. The precise balance between antioxidants and free radicals is maintained as H2 removes free radicals and activates the body’s natural antioxidant defense mechanism. Consuming H2 regularly is like buying antioxidant insurance, keeping you young and healthy. Contact us to feel the strength and benefits of molecular hydrogen.

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